Berri Tiga says people don't give him credit for Machala

Berri Tiga says people don't give him credit for Machala

A budding singer, Agada Obutu, also known as Berri Tiga, has said he does not like the fact people don’t give him credit for singing the hit song titled, Machala, which he was featured on by an Instagram comedian, Carter Efe.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, the singer said, “The song is actually a collaboration (between me and Carter Efe), but I don’t like the fact that people are not giving me accolades for it. People don’t know that I sang the song.”

Tiga, however, admitted that there was no proper arrangement between him and Efe on earnings and credit for the song. He said, “We did not really have a proper agreement. We made the song on the same night we posted it online, and it ‘blew up’ on TikTok. My management asked me what our agreement was, but Efe’s management said they were the ones promoting the song, and they would not give me any royalty on it.”

According to Punch Tiga also claimed that he was initially told that he could not perform the song. He said, “Initially, they sent me an agreement that I could not perform the song, but when I spoke to them about it, they said it was a mistake.”

The singer also maintained that he had nothing to do with the song been taken down from some digital platforms. He said, “I am aware that the song was taken down from some platforms, but I don’t know how it happened.”

Tiga added that he was not fighting with Efe over who owned the song but was just responding to a comment asking if he was the producer of the song. He said, “I just want people to know that I am not fighting with Efe over who owns the song. I just replied to a comment, when somebody asked if I was the producer of this song. I responded that I sang the song, and am not a producer.”

 On whose idea it was to compose the song, Tiga said, “He (Carter) called me one night, and said we should do something on Wizkid (who is also known as Machala), and post it online. He sent me a beat that was copyrighted, and I told him that we could not use it. I then told my producer to create a beat, and we recorded the song.”

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