Should Manchester United keep Cristiano Ronaldo or let him go?

Should Manchester United keep Cristiano Ronaldo or let him go?

Truly the saying everything goes that every footballer has an end to their career at some point. I wouldn't want to say Cristiano Ronaldo has come to an end of illustrious career but his time and at old trafford has been nothing short of disaster and has come full throttle.

He has become a bottle neck on the prospects of the team and that definitely will affect the team chances of success.

It is time for the club to act decisively whether to let him go or keep him because of the financial benefits.

Letting him go would do the club a lot of good because of the great effect it will have on the team and that will definitely outweigh the financial cost and benefit of whether they decide to keep him or let him go in the final days of the transfer window.

Ronaldo contributed 24 goals in 38 appearance and it counted for close to nothing as Manchester United endured a dismal season last year by finishing outside the top four and no single trophy was won.

Last season would have been definitely more terrible if not for the legendary Ronaldo contributions during a season that saw the club been managed by three coaches and a team that dabble from one crisis to another.

Football moves on with pace and as he approaches one year of his glamorous and highly celebrated return from the Biaconeri (Juventus), the truth is Ronaldo has come close to the end of his illustrious career.

The argument as to whether was the team best performer last season or the speed of light in which is his role in the club continues to be on a steady decline, will linger on well beyond his second coming.

It is worth noting that it is early days in the season under new management structure led by Erik Ten Haag. It is pretty obvious that Ronaldo will not be a main stay in the team and his show of discontent on the substitute bench only increase the reason to let him leave.

The team are yet to convince supporters and even management that they can do without the legendary forwards goals, with a list of forwards that includes Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial, Anthony Elanga, Jadon Sancho yet to prove themselves on a ruthless and consistent bases for now.

The purchase of Antony from Ajax will improve the options available to the boss. It is a well documented fact that Legendary Ronaldo remains the only forward in the team capable of producing goals on a consistent basis.

The club has objectives and clear cut goals to achieve and frankly speaking it must not include the forward and his contribution. The legendary sir Alex Ferguson made a tough decision to offload Striker Ruud van Nistelrooy to Real Madrid, despite the massive contribution of the forward in the year 2006.

It is not a popular decision when it was made, but it was later revealed by the legendary manager that he allowed Ruud van Nistelrooy to live because the presence of him was posing a challenge to the team and limiting the development of the footballer we are discussing Ronaldo.

It was documented that Ruud fall out with Ferguson assistant manager Carlos Queiroz about Ronaldo according to Ferguson autobiography.

Many years after, there are obvious similarities between Van Nistelrooy departure and the state of affairs at the club now been encountered by Ronaldo.

Yes he is fit and highly professional too but reports indicates that he is now more of a divisive figure in the team.

His competitive nature, his quest for perfection on the training pitch has not been largely welcomed by the squad.

The forward has struggled to accept that team he left was heaven and earth above this current team in terms of quality and character within it. The fact that he expects Harry Maguire and Marcus Rashford to be at the level of Rooney and Nemanja Vidic and lives no margin error for their loopholes.

When he expressed is intention to exist the club in July, according to reports that it was celebrated by majority of the squad and that had become a pain in the ass.

He was absent from preseason for reasons known to him. The team was forging new bond and unity within the squad.

Immediately he returned to the squad he provoked his manager by leaving the stadium at half time in a friendly game against Rayo Vallecono. As if that was not enough his performance and close to nothing output further compound issues.  

Having received an heroic welcome 12 months ago, the multiple world footballer of the year award winner is now a cause of concern in the dressing room and his output thus far offered nothing worthy of note to get Erik Ten Haag to keep him in the starting line up.

Yes, United have simply not been able to move him on to another team because of the cost involved in transacting for a player well passed his peak prowess and prime. So United has big call to make and they must make it fast.

In recent times, The Gunners (Arsenal) took two major decisions by terminating the contract of Mesut Ozil and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, just today Chelsea did same to Ross Barkley, yes they took financial loss but that was the best possible option in the prevailing circumstances.

By the club coming to a peaceful and Amicable agreement with the forward, Man United would be availing the man in charge the opportunity to stamp his authority and progress in his own ideas.

The other option is to keep him till his contract expires by the end of the season and only hope things turn around but it is a very big risk to take. From a football perspective, United has only one option to choose from.

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