ASUU have lost support and collective goodwill of Nigerians

ASUU have lost support and collective goodwill of Nigerians

The ongoing strike of the Academic staff union of universities (ASUU) since February 14, 2022 has at the beginning enjoyed the support of parents, students and stakeholders and the resolve to declare an indefinite strike (roll over), after six months from withdrawing it's services from the premier institutions in Nigeria lives more to be desired and even weaken the goodwill of Nigerians if not lost.

Most Nigerians are in a sad mode since news filtered in, indicating the ongoing strike has shifted level's from roll over to a total and comprehensive indefinite strike.

It is really saddening and pathetic that after the numerous appeals by citizens, stake holders, parents and the effect on students  was not enough to get the union to make sacrifice in the interest of the common good rather they took the nuclear option of an indefinite strike action.

It is with great dismay that they have chosen this path after the plea from Nigerians taking into account that sister unions in the premier institutions have suspended their strike action after appeals and pleas from fellow citizens and the federal government.

This decision shows how insensitive and inconsiderate to the pain and the impact of the strike on students and by extension on their sponsors taking into consideration rents have expired, years of study extended and some being to consider too old for a job. This decision is unpopular decision and outright abuse of it power.

Strange enough the union has failed to realize that the down trodden parents whose wards constitute the vast majority of the premier institutions in our nation.

How they didn't consider this people who has been a pillar of support and has shown both empathy and sympathy to their plight taking into consideration they are the worse hit by this decision.

The arguably most powerful union in our premier institutions has lost the support and goodwill enjoyed among a good number of citizens which is a huge loss to the union.

I understand the struggle and how doggedly they have been defending the universities from total collapse and also fighting for the interest of her members but it is pertinent that they suspend the action, continue negotiations with the government.

The union having reservations with this option is okay too, considering Nigeria government non-challant attitude to honouring agreements but the time and seasons we are in demands compassion from the Union.

Sadly musing though it is the poor citizens that would be at the devastating effect of this pathetic and sad decision.

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