Suspect throws puppy out of moving car during police chase in Los Angeles

Suspect throws puppy out of moving car during police chase in Los Angeles

A puppy that was thrown out of a moving car during a police chase in Los Angeles on Friday has been safely recovered.

The pursuit commenced in South Los Angeles at around noon on Friday and continued for two hours, going through Inglewood and Westchester.

One of the suspects was wanted for attempted murder.

At one point, the 8-week-old pup was thrown in a Michael Kors bag and tossed onto the street.

“Miraculously, the dog emerged unharmed and was rescued by responding LAPD officers,” the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) wrote in a statement.

As the chase continued, the suspect’s car hit another vehicle. The driver then ditched their Chevy truck and got into the second getaway car.

The pursuit ended dramatically when the driver and passengers jumped out of the second getaway car. The three suspects eventually surrendered to police.

Gustavo Alvarez, 27, was arrested for an attempted murder and carjacking that happened on March 26.

27-year-old Lynette Moreno was arrested for allegedly setting up the second getaway vehicle, while Michelle Zamudio, 25, was arrested for reportedly driving the second getaway vehicle.

The mixed-breed pooch has been placed on hold with Los Angeles Animal Services until an investigation about his owner is complete.

“All is well as you can see this little puppy’s doing just fine,” animal care technician supervisor Matthew Spease told FOX 11 Los Angeles.

Officials say that the puppy is not currently up for adoption.

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