I regret falling out with Tonto Dikeh – Bobrisky

I regret falling out with Tonto Dikeh – Bobrisky

Nigerian transgender woman, Bobrisky, says she regretted falling out with her bestie actress Tonto Dikeh. I missed our friendship, Bob said.

The former besties fell out two years ago and had a public fight on social media that took so many surprises because of how close they were.

Bob speaking in a podcast with the show host, Toke Makinwa, said; "I missed Tonto so much. Tonto is like my sister. I'm a very emotional person she hurt me and that's why I am always fighting.

"After we fell out two to three months I started missing her because I missed the fact that she is always there for me you know she tell me don't wear this outfit, wear this, Bobby this one looks nice on you.

"Before I became so famous she (Tonto) was the only one that was there. She doesn't judge. She doesn't care. she goes all out.

"Our friendship lasted for 5 years, we talked for 5 years. It was a 5 years friendship, Bob said.

"I was being the one patient. Me (Bob) and Tonto are two impatient people. She is not patient. I'm not patient. Most of the time the reason why I'm always calm is that she is my elder sister and she is older than me.

"Bob, so I keep calming down while I was calming down the friendship was stretched one year, two years, and three years, but at the same time, we fell out at end of the day because the main truth is, we are two hot-tempered people.

"I am a very hot temper I get angry easily and Tonto also gets angry easily. I'm working on my anger which is why you can see fewer fights on social media."

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