Why I took a break from acting – John Boyega

Why I took a break from acting – John Boyega

British actor John Boyega has revealed that he took a break from acting to find fulfillment outside of acting.

He made this known in a chat with Trevor Noah on his “The Daily Show”.

The 30-year-old “Star Wars” actor claimed the purpose of the break was to give him the opportunity to work on his true self in order to be able to accept more important opportunities and movie roles.

“I got to a point where I realised that life needs a sense of balance. Sometimes you go towards something and achieve it, but there is no fulfillment because you have forgotten about the most important thing, yourself.

“And in thinking about that, I was like I need to sort me out first so that when I reach a particular stage or when bigger opportunities come, I’m genuinely ready for it and not intimidated.

“I went on a holiday, had some good times, and I relaxed and got in the gym, got reading, got into a routine and I think a lot of some need to do.”

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