Man stabs woman after refusing to dance with him in Kenya

Man stabs woman after refusing to dance with him in Kenya

Kenyan police has reportedly commenced a manhunt for a man who stabbed a woman at Kilifornia bar and restaurant in Kilifi county, after she rejected to dance with him.

K2TV reported that Abigail Kuha was in the bar with her boyfriend, Lemmy Sanga, when a group of unknown men came in and started forcing her to dance with them.

After she turned down the advances, one of the men drew a knife and stabbed her in the lower abdomen.

A police report read, "Sanga reported that he was in the Kilifornia bar and restaurant with his girlfriend Abigail when a group of young men started to force dancing with his girlfriend. In the process, one of them drew a knife and stabbed her."

When police officers turned up at the restaurant, they met the gang and the suspect started fighting with one of them. The suspect dropped his cap and the pen knife before escaping.

The officers fired in the air to scare him but the suspect managed to escape. The security operatives subsequently arrested five of his accomplices.

The statement added, "The officers fired two 9mm special ammunition in the air to scare him. They managed to arrest his accomplices including; Suleiman Ali Kea, Abubakar, Ali Abdala, Harun Suiba, Ibrahim Amid Imran and Rajab Daudi."

Abigail was rushed to Kilifi County Hospital where she is admitted and in stable condition.

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