Ex-Watford footballer raped woman while his Love Island star friend slept in same room

Ex-Watford footballer raped woman while his Love Island star friend slept in same room

Former Watford footballer raped a woman after night out in Mahiki while his Love Island star friend Dennon Lewis slept in same room.

Ashley Charles, 23, allegedly forced himself on the woman as she slept in a hotel room after a night out at the exclusive Mayfair club in London while Mr Lewis slept nearby.

Mr Lewis appeared in the fifth series of the popular ITV2 reality series at Casa Amor and now plays for Boreham Wood Football Club.

Charles denies rape and insists the claim that he had sex with the woman is untrue.

Snaresbrook Crown Court heard Charles and Mr Lewis, both former Watford youth players, had also attended the nightclubs Lords London and Club Maddox with fellow footballer Michael Philips on March 14 last year.

They had arranged to meet the woman and her friend and went back to the woman's hotel at the end of the night, reports the Evening Standard.

The jury was told the alleged victim had consensual sex with Mr Philips during the night but 'woke up to find a male, Ashley Charles, on top of her'.

PC Daniel Guy told the court; 'Her friend had arranged to meeting Dennon Lewis, Ashley Charles and male known as Michael in London for a night out.

'When they finished the night out, they all went back to the hotel. The friend and Dennon shared the double bed, she and Michael shared a sofa, and Ashley slept on the floor.

'She and Michael had consensual sex before going to sleep. Michael woke up at around 7:30 am and left the address, leaving her to get back to sleep.

'At around 8:15 am, she woke up to find Ashley on top of her having vaginal sex with her from behind.

'She screamed for him to get off her, which woke up her friend and Dennon.'

Giving evidence via videolink, Mr Lewis said the woman was 'upset' when he tried to find out what had happened.

He told the court; 'Obviously it's a difficult thing to deal with it's a very hard one.'

'My reaction was "are you sure?". I wanted to find out exactly what happened from both sides.

'I was asking the question "what actually happened?". Ash said nothing happened, he didn't do anything. She was upset.

'I told Ash to go and wait in my car, while I sorted it out, and I spoke to them properly.'

He claimed his friend pulled down his boxer shorts to show his penis to Mr Lewis when accused of rape.

Mr Lewis added; 'He was saying "does it look like I've done that?"

'As a gentleman, you know, especially if it's just happened.'

Mr Charles was questioned by police who attended the hotel room after they were contacted by the alleged victim.  

Mr Lewis told the court Charles was 'always respectful' and 'polite' after they met when they played for Watford youth.

He said; 'I met Ash through playing football. We were both playing for Watford from a young age'.

'I got to know him very well, He's an unbelievable boy, very very polite, respectful. I can't speak highly enough of Ash. He's a very respectful young man.' Charles, who lives in Watford, denies rape.

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