Why I donated $600K to orphanages in Nigeria — Singer, songwriter, Davido

Why I donated $600K to orphanages in Nigeria — Singer, songwriter, Davido

American-Nigerian singer and songwriter, Davido, has disclosed the reason he donated the monies he raised during his birthday last year to orphanage homes.

Speaking with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show, as he began his 'We rise by lifting others' tour. 

Davido said that the circumstance in the world and his dad, Adedeji Adeleke, encouraged him to donate the money.

He told Noah, "I started calling famous people… I was like, common you know, I made a hit song for you last year. I was like everybody that I have helped in one way or the other, that’s why this tour is called, We rise by lifting others. I was scared it came up to $600K and at this point, I’m like, can I keep this?

"We know that so much is going on around the world and I was like I can’t be that insensitive and I spoke to my dad, who is my mentor and he said 'You know you can’t keep that money.' A lot of people were like, no keep it, you’ve done so much for the community.

"We concluded to donate all $600K to orphanages around Nigeria."

"I woke up the next day, reflecting on my whole life and how God has blessed me. So we concluded to donate all $600K to orphanages across the country. Just for accountability, it took months to disburse because we had to know which orphanage is real," he explained.

"Then I started getting tweets like 'This dude kept the money.' Because after that, I bought two more cars. I bought a Lamborghini…that was just my money, though."

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