Ex-Terrorists: Paris court denies Italy’s extradition request for former Red Brigade members

Ex-Terrorists: Paris court denies Italy’s extradition request for former Red Brigade members

A Paris court on Wednesday ruled against extraditing to Italy 10 former left-wing militants, containing some former Red Brigades members, convicted of domestic terrorist crimes in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Italian nationals had been living in freedom in France for decades after fleeing Italy before they could be imprisoned to serve their sentences.

The crimes in connection with which they were convicted include the 1980 killing of a Carabinieri paramilitary general and the kidnapping of a judge in the same year.

All 10, only some of whom were linked with the deadly Red Brigades group, spent the last 14 months under French judicial supervision as judges deliberated on Italy’s extradition request following the activists arrests and police questioning a year ago.

The Paris Court of Appeal said in a statement it denied Italy’s extradition request for each member of the group of 10 men and women, but didn’t explain its reasoning.

France 24 had reported, Wednesday’s ruling can still be appealed at France’s highest court.

Italy’s justice ministry said iin a statement it respected the French judicial process as they await to hear the assessments of the ruling by the Paris attorney general, who is the only one authorized to appeal the court’s decision to deny the extradition of each of the 10 convicted militants.

“I am waiting to know the reasons behind the ruling that denies all extraditions without distinction,” said Italian Justice Minister Marta Cartabia.

“This is a long-awaited ruling for the victims and the entire country, which concerns a dramatic and still painful page in our history,” Cartabia said.

The French presidency said it will not comment on the court’s ruling.

The unwillingness of French authorities to detain convicted Italian former left-wing militants living in France has long been a thorny issue between Paris and Rome.

Italy has sought the extradition of around 200 convicted former militants believed to be in France over the years.

Italy’s far-left Red Brigades group killed about 50 people in a terror campaign in the 1970s and ’80s. (AP)

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