Woman married at 18 years shares red flag wedding photos that prove it was a mistake

A woman who got married at the age of 18 years has revealed a clip of her wedding day that she believes proves it was a mistake.

TikToker Karri Shipman is seen wearing a beautiful bridal gown in the video while her ex husband has been removed from the reel with a red scribble.

The mum of two, from Missouri, US, then focuses on the facial expressions of her bridal entourage and spots a red flag.

Ms Shipman joked that her friends knew she should "never should have gotten married" and could not hide it on their faces, reports the Daily Star.

Her bridesmaids appear to be unimpressed as they stand wearing matching brown dresses and jean jackets and watch the bride and groom say I do.

In the video, Ms Shipman wrote: "When you never should have gotten married and it was on everyone's face but you did it anyway. They were right."

People commented that the bridal party looked "devastated" but that they were "true friends" for showing up.

"At least your girls were still by your side as unimpressed as they were," one viewer said.

Another person joked: "The denim jackets should have been the first warning sign."

The footage was seen more than 10 million times with people admitting that they found it hilarious.

One person wrote: "These faces say a million words."

Somebody else said: "Hahaha my first marriage was exactly like this."

Somebody else said: "I know a similar situation. They ended up divorced a couple years after their marriage.

"The best man’s speech? Downed a beer and said 'good luck guys'."

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