2022: Kidnapping, Killings and Poverty in Nigeria will end soon — Kaduna pastor

Regional Overseer, Jesus Messengers Ministry, Kakuri-Kaduna, Rev Matthew Nathaniel on Sunday told Nigerians that killings, kidnapping and all manner of poverty will soon be over.

He added that the year 2022 is the recovery year for all that has been lost in the previous years.

He also declared that there would be peaceful coexistence among different tribes, religions, races as God-ordained love would exist among Nigerians.

Nathaniel further added that the reign of evil over humanity will soon be over.

Speaking at the church auditorium on Sunday during the Annual Thanksgiving, Nathaniel assured Nigerians that God in His infinity mercy would visit every Nigerians in a special way, adding that, “whatever you lost to criminal bandits, Gunmen and other criminal elements in the past, will surely be recovered.”

He urged all to have true repentance, as God would not visit anyone with the stain of sin.

“The year 2022 will be the most blessed year for all believers of Christ. The only qualification for those blessings is to repent from all forms of sin. God does not respect sin, and would not visit anyone with a sinful heart,” he declared.

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