Three men offered 'large amounts of money' tried to buy a young child from her mother outside Sheffield school

Police are hunting three men who offered "a large amount of money" to a woman to buy her daughter outside a school.

The incident happened in Sheffield near Lower Meadows School at about 8.20am on Wednesday. 

The woman, who has not been identified, said the three men had a "large amount of money". 

According to the BBC, the woman and her child were walking along Batemoor Road near the school when they were approached.

The woman said she refused the men's offer and ran with her daughter towards the school to raise the alarm. 

She said the men fled the scene in a vehicle. She said she heard a "screech of tyres" as she ran to safety. 

PCSO Kenneth Blake of South Yorkshire Police said a man of "possible Middle Eastern origin" made the offer. PCSO Blake said the man was in his late 30s or early 40s and wore a grey hoodie with stripes on the side and "dirty navy bottoms". 

The officer said the suspect also was wearing a head warmer which was partially covering his face. 

South Yorkshire Police have asked for any witnesses to come forward. 

PCSO Blake told the Yorkshire Post: At approximately 8.20am on December 1, a local resident was walking her daughter to Lower Meadow School along Batemoor Road. A male, of possible Middle Eastern origin, along with two other males, have approached the mother, taken out a large amount of money and offered to buy the daughter.

'The mother has refused and ran towards the school with her daughter.

'The mother then heard a screech of car tyres and a black/ blue vehicle has made off towards Dyche Lane, with the three males inside.

"Unfortunately no number was got for the vehicle

"Any further sightings of the suspected male should be reported to South Yorkshire Police as soon as possible, allowing officers to attend."

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