Joe Biden warns Russia of harsh economic penalty if Ukraine attacked

President Joe Biden warned Russia of crippling economic penalties if it attacks Ukraine and said more US and NATO troops would be sent to defend allies.

If Russian President Vladimir Putin “moves on Ukraine, the economic consequences for his economy are going to be devastating,” Biden said Saturday in response to a reporter’s question at a news conference in Delaware.

The president said troops would need to be sent to defend eastern-flank NATO allies “where we have a sacred obligation to defend them against any attack by Russia.”

Biden’s comments underscore those he made following a phone call with Putin on Thursday in which he affirmed a commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, along with warnings that Russian aggression would be met with unprecedented economic penalties.

According to Bloomberg, the US has shared intelligence with European allies showing Russia may be amassing as many as 175,000 troops near Ukraine in preparation for an attack.

In a subsequent call with eastern European NATO allies, Biden proposed placing “additional capabilities” in some of the countries.

On Saturday, Biden warned that if Russia attacks, “The rest of the world’s view of Russia would change markedly. It’ll pay a terrible price.” The Kremlin has denied any plans to invade.

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