Ex-President Obasanjo tells Buhari how to successfully tackle insecurity before 2023 elections

The former President Olusegun Obasanjo has disclosed how President Muhammadu Buhari led Federal Government can tackle insecurity in Nigeria.

Obasanjo said the Federal Government should use carrots and stick approaches together to tackle insecurity in the country effectively.

Speaking at a retreat in Abuja, the former president insisted that military action alone won’t effectively tackle insecurity in Nigeria.

"People talk of political will, but I talk of political action. Political will is not enough. It must be matched by political action.

"The problem of insurgency will not go away if all we are using is the 'stick' military action. We may suppress it, and keep it down a bit, but we have to use ‘carrot and stick’ together to effectively tackle the problems,” Obasanjo said.

Stressing that insecurity should be tackled locally, Obasanjo said the menace should be addressed before the next general elections.

"Security in Nigeria is local, and it must be addressed locally. Legislation should be able to tackle that before the next election," he said.

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