Woman 28 years arrested after school boy killed by ‘pitbull’

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A woman has been arrested in connection with a dog attack that killed a boy aged 10 years.

Jack Lis died at the scene in South Wales, while the dog was destroyed there by armed police.

The woman arrested, who is 28 years and from Caerphilly, was questioned on suspicion of being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury resulting in death and was released on bail.

Neighbours said they believe the ‘large and powerful’ dog was an American pit bull, but tests have yet to verify the breed.

Jack, described as a ‘beautiful’ and ‘sweet’ boy, was visiting a friend in Pentwyn, Penryheol, when he died on Monday, Metro reports.

Gwent Police Chief Superintendent Mark Hobrough said: ‘As we’ve arrested an individual on suspicion of an offence linked to the attack and spoken to two others voluntarily, we’re looking to identify where any criminal matters have occurred.

‘I understand that there is a lot of interest about this in our communities.

‘It is vital that people are considering the tone and language used in comment posted on social media about the identities of anyone involved in this matter as part of our inquiries.

‘As this is a live investigation, such comments may have an impact on our ability to bring anyone found to have committed a criminal offence to justice.’

Jack’s mother Emma Whitfield paid tribute to her ‘beautiful’ son, writing on Facebook: ‘With so much heart break […] I have to announce our beautiful boy Jack was taken so tragically yesterday.

‘It was not our dog nor did it happen at our family home. He was out to play.

‘We love you so much our sweet sweet boy.’

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