Ohio police save 2-month-old baby from hot car, after mom locked herself out

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Police in Ohio worked quickly last Friday to save a 2-month-old baby who got locked inside a car when her mother accidentally shut the door with the keys inside. 

The frantic rescue was caught on video, showing officers arrive at the parking lot and try to unlock the vehicle with tools before resorting to breaking the glass with a hammer. 

"I’m not doing this all day with a baby in the car," one officer can be heard saying in the video, referring to their failed attempts to unlock it. "Just so you know we’re going to bust out this window. The baby’s been in here too long. It’s sweating," he advises on his radio. 

The Euclid Police Department posted the dramatic video onto YouTube on Wednesday. 

"It felt like my life was about to end," mom Nicki told FOX 8 in Cleveland after the rescue of Sanaiya. Nicki asked to be referred to by her first name only. "Who would think their baby would ever get locked in the car?"

She said her car automatically locked before she could grab Sanaiya. She also locked her phone in the car, meaning she had to run to a nearby apartment complex to call the police. 

"I started panicking," she said. "She started sweating instantly because it was hot outside and I knew I had to think fast."

The temperature in Euclid that day was 85 degrees and it got to be more than 100 degrees inside the car, FOX 8 reported. 

Once officers got the door open, a tearful Nicki can be seen holding her baby while an officer cooled Sanaiya down with a frozen water bottle her mother always keeps inside the car on hot days. 

"This officer knew exactly what to do to help out. Those precious moments before EMS could get there," Cpt. Mitch Houser told the station. 

She was looked over by medical professionals and given a clean bill of health, according to FOX 8

Nicki expressed her gratitude to the officers and everyone else who sprang into action to save Sanaiya. "Thank you so much, thank everybody for their help," she said.

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