Greece shocked as 59-year-old mentally ill killer rapes and suffocates his mother

A mentally ill killer has been accused of raping and suffocating his 83-year-old mother with a pillow, in a case that has shocked Greece.

The allegations were made even more shocking when it was revealed that the same 59-year-old murdered his grandmother 28 years earlier.

According to the medical examiner, the death of Victoria Papastergiou was caused by strangulation. She was killed near the town of Grevena, northern Greece on Tuesday, according to Greek newspaper ProtoThema.

Local reports said the man washed and dressed his mother's body in a bid to disguise her true cause of death, while authorities believe he raped her while he was suffocating her.

He has been charged with manslaughter and rape, as 'recent findings of sexual intercourse were also identified' by the medical examiner, officials said.

The man reportedly confessed to killing his mother to police after he was arrested.

According to news website, he allegedly told officers he committed the horrific crime because his mother burned his food.

The alleged murder came to light when the owner of a funeral home in Grevena was asked on Tuesday by the 59-year-old to undertake the funeral for his mother.

He told the funeral director that he had found her dead in her bed, and unusually asked for the burial to take place immediately. This raised the suspicions of the director, who informed officials. 

The man is also reported to have killed his grandmother in 1993 in the same village.

A police officer is said to have made a link between the two deaths, remembering a previous case in which the son of the deceased 83-year-old had also killed his grandmother when he was 32 years old.

Daily Mail gathered that the man at the time was considered to be a psychopath, and was hospitalised for many years, according to local reports, but was later released and worked in a school as a gym teacher. 

The funeral director's suspicions and the police officer's recollection of the previous case led to an autopsy being carried in Thessaloniki on the mother's body, which found evidence of foul play.

On Wednesday, officers were dispatched to the man's home in the small mountain village of around just 130 people, but could not find him. Eventually, they were able to track him down after a long search on Wednesday.

He is currently in custody, with local media reporting that it is expected he will undergo further psychological evaluation.

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