Woman motorist raped, after she went to check abandoned car seat

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A woman was raped, after she went to check on an abandoned car seat.

Thames Valley Police are appealing for witnesses after it was reported that the woman was raped in a layby on the A4 in Thatcham, opposite the junction with Cox's Lane.

It was at around midnight on Sunday, August 16 that the woman has reported that she stopped her car on the A4 after noticing a child's car seat in a layby.

Thinking a child could be at risk as the car seat was empty, she got out of her car and was then allegedly raped.

The force says it is not known whether the empty car seat is significant to the crime, but has urged the public to call the police if they see anything in a road or on a roadside that concerns them.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Alice Broad said: "The investigation is working at pace to identify the suspect of this offence.

"The victim has provided a full account of the incident and is being supported by specially trained officers. Due to the victim's account, we are now in a position to provide further information to the public.

"We can confirm that we believe the offender was not known to the victim.

"The victim was driving on the A4 before the offence occurred. She stopped her vehicle at the scene because she saw a child's car seat in a layby and was concerned there might be a child at risk because the car seat was empty.

"Thames Valley Police is working to understand the significance of the child's car seat and whether it is linked to the offence. However, to ensure the safety of the public, we would advise that if you see anything in a road or on the roadside that concerns you, make a note of the precise location and call Thames Valley Police on 101. The force can make appropriate checks."

The force is appealing for anyone with footage - dashcam, mobile phone or CCTV - from the A4 in Thatcham between around 11pm on Sunday, August 15 and 12.15am on Monday, August 16 to come forward.

Anyone with any information should call 101 quoting the reference Op Fax 43210366130. You can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or go online.

Detective Inspector Broad added: "This is a concerning incident that has understandably caused anxiety in the local community. However, such offences are extremely rare and a thorough investigation is underway to identify the offender.

"You will see more officers out and about in the area and I urge you to speak with them if you have any questions or concerns that you wish to raise." Mirror