Insecurity: Kidnapping, killing now a norm in Nigeria - Wike

Insecurity: Kidnapping, killing now a norm in Nigeria - Wike

Insecurity: Kidnapping, killing now a norm in Nigeria - Wike

The Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike, decried the surge in issues of insecurity in the country, regretting that kidnapping and killing have become a norm in the country under the All Progressives Congress, APC, led Federal Government.

Wike said the APC controlled FG has dragged Nigeria 50 years backwards due to its poor performance, maintaining that APC has mismanaged the opportunity Nigerians gave them to make a difference in 2015.

The governor disclosed this in a statement by his Special Assistant on Media, Kelvin Ebiri, after the Vice President of Rotary Club of Port Harcourt, Rotarian Obiageli Ejezie led other leaders of the association to the Government House, Port Harcourt, to confer on Wike the “2019/2020 Good Governance Award” for his outstanding achievements in project execution in Rivers State.

Speaking, Governor Wike told the delegation that in 2015, APC convinced Nigerians that they were going to offer better governance than the former President Goodluck Jonathan. But having taken over the realm of political leadership, the APC has continued to drive the country on the path of retrogression.

Wike said: “There can’t be good governance without security and this is based on rule of law. All of us are living witnesses in 2015 when it was alleged that the government of former President Goodluck Jonathan, could not perform. So Nigeria needed a change. What has happened to the change? They have taken Nigeria back by 50 years.”

“Now, you wake up every morning, students are being kidnapped in so and so State University, people have been killed in so and so State. So, it has become a norm.

“Just wake up in the morning and the first thing you will see on the front page of dailies is 10 people have been kidnapped in Niger State; 20 have been killed in Zamfara State, 5 have been killed in Imo and this happens virtually every day. So, where are we heading to?”

The governor said his administration was doing everything possible to secure the life and property of all residents in the state.

“But thank God that in our state, we are doing everything we can to protect lives and property. For us, we believe that everybody has s role to play in this country.

“This is because when Nigeria is bad, Rivers state will be bad since we are all component units of the country. But as a government, we will continue to partner with voluntary organisations like Rotary club to improve the wellbeing of our people,” he stated.

Earlier, the Vice President of Rotary Club of Port Harcourt, Rotarian Obiageli Ejezie, said the Rotary Board of Directors approved that Governor Wike was best suited for the 2019/2020 Good Governance Award for his sustainable projects.

Ejezie said: “Many laudable and sustainable development projects of your government scattered across Rivers State.

“We note particularly your projects and achievements in the areas of urban renewal, road maintenance, construction of flyovers, education, health care and others.

“The proactive manner your Excellency has managed the covid-19 pandemic has been Serving the desired purpose of saving the lives of a considerable number of residents.”

Source: Vanguard

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