London: Hypocrisy became most used word on recent #BuhariMustGo protests

London: Hypocrisy became most used word on recent #BuhariMustGo protests


Hypocrisy became likely the most used word on the recent #BuhariMustGo protests in London. Having pledged to stop the need for medical tourism, hated Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari has all over again left the country to find treatment abroad, once more in the UK.

COVID has uncovered the deep disaster of healthcare in Nigeria. Having struggled on low wages and in dire conditions, medical doctors at the moment are on strike to attempt to pressure the government to listen. They need respectable pay and funding for resources.

While regular human beings fear about getting sick, getting treatment and losing relatives to COVID, Buhari has none of those worries. Thanks to his wealth, he can fly away on every occasion he desires for healthcare, every so often using public funds to fund the travel.

Hundreds protested in London. Socialist Party members at the protests have been requested what Boris Johnson goes to do about Buhari being in London. We responded very little. Boris Johnson cannot be trusted to stand with working class and poor Nigerians in opposition to Buhari's hypocrisy or corruption.

In the UK, the Tories were liable for the last decade of underfunding in the NHS. They attempted to blame healthcare tourism for issues in the NHS, however surely it is a product from their austerity.

None of the issues confronted through normal humans in Nigeria, having access to education, healthcare and respectable jobs, had been solved. Movements, like last year's #EndSars towards the corrupt armed wing of the police, will resurface as younger humans don't have any choice however to take at the Buhari regime, and combat for a actual alternative to corruption, oppression and poverty.