The United States Is At Risk Of Losing Dr. Fauci’s Guidance

The United States Is At Risk Of Losing Dr. Fauci’s Guidance

The United States Is At Risk Of Losing Dr. Fauci’s Guidance
Fauci has a stellar reputation both academically and in the federal government

If you were world-renowned in your field, contributed decades to improving public health, were given commendations by multiple presidents and medical organizations for your work, led the country through major pandemics, would you want to stay in a role where you were suddenly constantly criticized and undermined by your current administrator and were receiving death threats?

Anthony Fauci MD, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is in that position. The Trump administration has continually tried to silence or discredit Fauci.

Fauci stated that the White House Coronavirus Task Force met on August 20th about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated Covid-19 guidelines - while he was under general anesthesia.

The new CDC guidelines, widely criticized by medical professionals, state that if you are asymptomatic, even after being exposed to someone who contracts COVID-19, you don’t necessarily need to get tested. This goes against what we know about COVID-19; carriers may be asymptomatic but can still be highly contagious. This recommendation greatly hinders the process and accuracy of contact tracing.

Fauci has a stellar reputation both academically and in the federal government. As per Trump’s administration, if you have scientific evidence that disagrees with the administration’s stance, you are punished. Trump’s administration had talking points for reporters that refuted Fauci’s statements and his credibility. An op-ed was written by a high-ranking Trump administration official with the purpose of making the public question Fauci. Fauci has been omitted from Trump’s COVID-19 briefings.

Fauci has received death threats, and his daughters have been harrassed. Think about that for a second a highly regarded government official whose life work has been to protect the public from the spread of a pandemic has had his life threatened. And this administration has enabled that behavior.

For a CDC official to speak out about improprieties is remarkable, and further emphasizes the extent of this administration’s impropriety. The situation has become dire when a CDC official of Fauci’s stature speaks out about the alleged unethical behavior of an administration.

If more government officials don’t speak out in support of Fauci and condemns the Trump administration’s undermining of his work and silence about threats made against Fauci, the US is at risk of losing one of the country’s foremost experts on pandemics. This means that the public is losing a well-regarded voice of reason and factual, science-based information.

While Fauci has not directly stated that he is considering leaving his position, it would be understandable that the stress from threats, constant undermining and disrespect would make anyone reconsider staying at their position.

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